From the Penticton Herald, Nov. 25:

As scores of community newspapers are consolidating or closing across Canada, the town of Osoyoos finds itself in a highly unusual situation, with two weekly print publications competing for residents’ attention.

The two players are the Times Chronicle, formerly the Osoyoos Times, which has been publishing since 1947, and the upstart Osoyoos Daylight, which recently printed its tenth edition.

Both papers come in tabloid format. The Times Chronicle publishes each Thursday and recently has been 20 or 24 pages.

The Daylight publishes Wednesday and has been consistently 16 pages.

The Times Chronicle charges $1.25 per edition or $50 for a year of home delivery. The Daylight is free through a number of local retailers and home delivery. Both have active websites, which carry the content of the print editions.

The plight of community newspapers in Canada is a bit dire these days, but not completely bleak. A recent study, led by Ryerson University professor April Lindgren, reported that between 2008 and 2018, some 195 community papers closed in Canada while just 39 of them opened for business.

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