Top 10 Reasons To Join A Union

There are as many reasons for joining a union as there are people joining them. Here’s a quick rundown of some the most common:

10. I’m being treated badly. I could sure use some help to change that.

A union contract is a powerful tool to ensure fair treatment. Most contracts have an anti-harassment clause. You will have the Local 2000 and more than 315,000 Unifor members across Canada covering your back.

9. We need some way of being heard.

A single voice is easily dismissed. The collective voice of you and your co-workers joined together in a union is too loud to be ignored. When your workplace has a union, you elect a shop steward to speak to management on your behalf. That person has the legal right to voice your concerns and ask for changes.

8. I like this work, but I need job security.

Job security has long been one of the top priorities of our union. Our decades of negotiating contracts gives us the experience to achieve the right balance between the flexibility your employer needs and the security you need to plan your life. You and your co-workers determine the priorities when bargaining a contract.

7. If there are layoffs, will I be treated fairly?

Most union contracts give top priority to length of service. Respect for seniority is an important principle that builds stable workforces.

6. My boss is a **!#%.

A clear set of rules that both management and workers must follow is the best protection against a bad boss. In fact, many managers tell us it is easier to do their job when a union contract is in place because of the clear rules.

5. Better pay would make a big difference.

Union members are paid more for doing the same work than non-union workers. Bargaining for better wages as part of a group gives you more power. Unions help share wealth and, as a result, make local communities healthier and more vibrant.

4. Decent benefits, please.

Unions help improve the benefits we receive in two ways:

  • By negotiating contracts that offer provide the best benefit plans;
  • by lobbying on behalf of better social services for all.

3. Sometimes I feel exploited.

The demand to produce everything as cheaply as possible is a powerful part of our economic system. Joining a union is the best way workers can counteract that systemic exploitation.

2. I feel powerless and alone.

A union contract with a grievance procedure offers tremendous power to make sure you are treated right. The simple truth is that there is strength in numbers. The primary job of a union is to build collective power.

1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Here’s how we get it: