We are the union for B.C. media workers

If you work for a newspaper, online media, a printing plant, a design shop, astudio for VFX, animation or game development, or any related company we are the union for you.

Experience and dedication

Our local is run by and for media workers. We have the experience and dedication to help improve the working lives of everyone who currently does not enjoy the benefits of belonging to a union.

Join the union family

Most people who work in B.C.’s news industry already belong to our union or to one of our sister locals. Isn’t it about time that you joined the union family?



We are the union for B.C. media workers

We are the union for B.C. media workers
Unifor Local 2000 and its predecessor locals have been representing people like you working in the B.C. media since 1884. As the media has changed so have we. And, as the media industry in B.C. expands to include thousands of you who are making video games, adding visual effects to films and creating other kinds of digital animation, the B.C. Media Union has decided to create a new organization to defend your interests.

Consider joining

We are reaching out to those who work in video gaming, special effects and other areas of digital animation. While there are many, exciting new jobs in these industries people tell us about burnout, lack of job security, short-term contracts, poor benefits, excessive or unpaid overtime, a lack of respect and many other concerns.

Unions turn regular jobs into good jobs that build healthy communities and contribute to local economies. Local 2000 is offering our experience and dedication to improving working lives to everyone.

Get involved by emailing [email protected] or calling our office for a confidential conversation at 604-408-0746.