How to join a union in B.C. in four simple steps:

So you want to join a union but don’t know where to start? Just follow these four simple steps.

  1. Call a union representative to set up a private meeting. She can answer all your questions and help you form a strategy. Call or text us at 604-816-5204 or email [email protected]. Arrangements will be made, in strictest confidence, to meet, or we can simply talk on the phone at first.
  1. Sign cards: Get at least 45 per cent of your coworkers to sign union cards. Don’t worry, your union organizer will help. These cards are confidential, and your boss will never see them. The union will then take the cards to B.C.’s Labour Relations Board.
  1. Cast your vote: The board will hold a vote 10 days after receiving the cards. If the majority of workers vote yes, then the union becomes your official bargaining agent.
  1. Negotiate your contract: Now, you can sit down with management and negotiate improved working conditions, better wages and benefits. Remember, the union isn’t some abstract entity sitting in an office somewhere. The union is employees coming together to bargain their rights collectively. You’re in the driver’s seat.

So what are you waiting for? Things to get better on their own? Take control of your working life and contact us. You deserve better.


Your rights and privacy:

Your right to form a union is protected under B.C. labour law.

Membership cards are never seen by management. The union organizer keeps the cards at all times. While the B.C. Labour Relations Board gets a copy of each card, management does not have access to them and is only ever told whether enough people signed cards to force a vote.

You can be assured that your right to join a union and your right to privacy are vigorously protected by Local 2000 and by the B.C. Labour Relations Board.