Dale Molnar · CBC ·

Now in its fourth month, the strike at Windsor Salt is having an impact on workers, who are making $300 a week in strike pay.

“I know stories of people with solo incomes that are putting mortgages on hold, doing what they can, working if they have to. You got to make ends meet,” said Collin Clarke, who is among 250 Windsor Salt workers on strike since Feb. 17.

Unifor Local 240 president Jodi Nesbitt says the company is only talking “remotely” through its lawyer and talks are moving slowly.

“Things are not going as quick as we would like and we hope that that changes because we know that our membership, they want to get back to work. They they want a deal. They want a respectable deal and that’s all we’re asking,” said Nesbitt.

Nesbitt says the face-to-face talks haven’t resumed since an incident in April where a worker was assaulted at the Ojibway mine.

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