The battle for control of the company which publishes the Toronto Star is headed behind closed doors.

In a hearing at the Ontario Court of Justice’s “commercial list” Monday morning, lawyers representing Paul Rivett and Jordan Bitove agreed to take their dispute to mediation and arbitration.

Bitove is battling Rivett’s attempt to dissolve NordStar Capital, the company the pair created two years ago to buy Torstar.

Meanwhile, Bitove sent a memo to staff vowing to protect the paper and addressing the allegation that NordStar is in default on a credit agreement.

“I have taken steps to defend against any adverse consequences that could arise from any steps taken by our lender, as a consequence of Mr. Rivett’s actions,” wrote Bitove.

Rivett didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.

The battle began Sept. 2 after Rivett filed an application for an order to wind up NordStar and sell the company’s assets.

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