June 29, 2022, By William Turvill, PressGazette

America’s newspaper industry has lost 2,500 titles and more than 40,000 newsroom jobs since the mid-2000s, new research published today has found.

The latest edition of Northwestern University’s State of Local Newsreport finds that 70m Americans – a fifth of the nation’s population – now either live in a “news desert” or in an area at risk of becoming one.

The report noted that some digital local news startups are finding success in the US, but that they remain “scarce” and are often “located in larger cities, leaving much of the rest of the country uncovered”.

In 2004, the United States had 1,472 local daily newspapers and 7,419 non-daily newspapers, according to the Northwestern research.

In 2022, the number of local dailies has fallen by 242 to 1,230, and the non-daily figure has dropped to 2,272 (see chart from the report below).

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