Gordon McIntyre Published Dec 29, 2023

It was September 1994, and Province Sports reporter Jack Keating was covering the Canucks first pre-season news conference, not even three months since the team had lost a heartbreaking Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Final.

Keating came in with a tape recorder the size of a brick, placed it among the mini-recorders on the table and sat down, a knife sticking out of the left breast pocket of his sports coat.

The late Pat Quinn, coach and general manager of the Canucks, raised his eyebrows at Arthur Griffiths, the team owner, who returned a nervous sidelong glance.

It was my first day on the Canucks beat with Keating and halfway into the meeting there was a large click: He whipped the knife out of his pocket, jimmied the cassette out of the machine with the blade, flipped over the cassette and sat back, oblivious to the sudden silence around the table as everyone’s eyes fell on him.

You see, the eject button on the tape machine was broken.

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