Includes two nominations for: Gordon Hoekstra, Glenda Luymes and Nathan Griffiths, The Vancouver Sun, for a data-driven investigation into the readiness of B.C. communities for a world of increasing fires and floods.


2022 Nominations

Arts and Entertainment / Culture

Charles-Éric Blais-Poulin and Marissa Groguhé, La Presse, for their story on a wave of suicides in the performing arts community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Susan Krashinsky Robertson, Globe and Mail, for an immersive feature on Karen Kain’s final staging of Swan Lake, this time from the director’s chair.

Eva Wasney, Winnipeg Free Press, for an in-depth profile of Anishinaabe graphic designer and visual artist Jordan Stranger.

Joan Hollobon Award for Beat Reporting / Prix Joan Hollobon pour le Journalisme spécialisé

Katia Gagnon, La Presse, for in-depth coverage of a failing youth protection system in Quebec and how recommendations from a commission of inquiry have yet to be addressed, leaving society’s most vulnerable at risk.

Caroline Touzin, La Presse, for on-the-ground reporting on health and social services, highlighting the trauma in under-resourced Montreal hospitals coping with deadly gang violence and the rise in child abuse during the pandemic.

Stuart M. Robertson Award for Breaking News / Nouvelles de dernière heure

Daniel Renaud, Alice Girard-Bossé and Henri Ouellette-Vézina, La Presse, for coverage of the shocking arrests of three high school basketball coaches accused of sex crimes.

Breaking News Photo / Photo de nouvelle de dernière heure

Michelle Berg, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, for a chilling image of a man staring directly at the camera while being arrested. 

Steve Russell, Toronto Star, for a photo of a confrontation between police and Freedom Convoy protesters on Parliament Hill. 

Anton Skyba, Globe and Mail, for his photo of a young girl standing in front of the remnants of an apartment building destroyed during the first night of the war in Ukraine.


Mary Ann Shadd Cary Award for Columns / Prix Mary Ann Shadd Cary pour la Chronique

Isabelle Hachey, La Presse, for columns on reporting in Ukraine, Quebec laws that can give rapists parental rights over children born of their crime, and the husband of an Indigenous woman who died in hospital under the racist insults of caregivers.

Melissa Martin, Winnipeg Free Press, for columns ranging from global issues (the plight of Ukrainian refugees) to local (accessibility problems in Winnipeg) to personal (the appeal of medical mis-information when facing the death of a loved one).

Laura-Julie Perreault, La Presse, for writing on the Russian angle of the war on Ukraine: the Russia she fell in love with as a child, the danger of Vladimir Putin, and Russians who have found refuge in Turkey.

Ma Russie

Embrasser Poutine

Une limonade au goût d’exil


Editorial Cartooning / Caricature

Michael de Adder, Halifax Chronicle Herald/Toronto

Serge Chapleau, La Presse 

Bruce MacKinnon, Halifax Chronicle Herald


Claude Ryan Award for Editorial Writing / Prix Claude Ryan pour l’Éditorial

Stéphanie Grammond, La Presse, for her editorials on the war in Ukraine, the proposed design of an automated light rail network in Montreal, and protection of the French language.

Peter McKnight, Toronto Star, for editorials on immigration and detention, the harms of linking mental health and violence, and the 40th anniversary of the Charter of Rights.

Peter Scowen, Globe and Mail, for editorials on the rise of “unserious politicians”, premiers who put populist policies over Canada’s values, and liberal democracy.

Explanatory Work / Texte explicatif

Kathryn Blaze Baum, Globe and Mail, for laying out the devastating effects of rising temperatures, brought on by climate change, on the human body.

Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot, La Presse, for a timely and sensitive analysis of immigration numbers in Quebec

Tyler Olsen, Fraser Valley Current, for an explanatory story on the geographical and political factors that make the Nooksack River, flowing entirely through the United States, such a threat to people living in Sumas Prairie in southwestern B.C..

Feature Photo / Photo de reportage

Mike Deal, Winnipeg Free Press, for his image of a person lying on a bench beside a bus shelter, which a city councillor proposed to dismantle to stop homeless people from gathering.

Leah Hennel, Globe and Mail, for her photo of a young Indigenous girl skateboarding in a ribbon skirt at a park in Lethbridge, Alta.

Steve Russell, Toronto Star, for a photo of a child leaping while a father laments a lack of daycare benefits.


General News Photo / Photo d’actualité générale

Nathan Denette, Canadian Press, for a photo of Pope Francis apologizing to Indigenous elsers and survivors of residential schools.

George Brown Award for Investigations / Prix George Brown pour la Grande enquête

Isabelle Hachey and Marie-Ève Tremblay, La Presse, for re-visiting the #MeToo allegations that took down comedian Julien Lacroix in July 2020.

E. Cora Hind Award for Local Reporting / Prix E. Cora Hind pour le reportage à caractère local

Anne-Lovely Etienne and Camille Dauphinais-Pelletier , 24 Heures, for an investigation into racist behaviour directed at health-care workers at CLSC de Montréal-Nord.

Stefan Labbe and Pippa Norman, Richmond News, for a data-driven series on vehicle emissions and the effectiveness of B.C.’s climate policies.

Juanita Mercer, St. John’s Telegram, for shining a light on the gender pay gap in Newfoundland and Labrador, one of the worst in Canada.

William Southam Award for Long Feature / Prix William Southam pour le Reportage élaboré

Susan Clairmont, Hamilton Spectator, for a feature on the suicide of a 12-year-old girl who had been bullied for years.

Emma Gilchrist, Globe and Mail, for her first-person feature on the harrowing and heartbreaking reality of terminating a pregnancy for medical reasons.

Jana G. Pruden, Globe and Mail, for her in-depth feature on Helen Naslund, who was sentenced to 18 years in jail for killing her abusive husband.

John Wesley Dafoe Award for Politics / Prix John Wesley Dafoe pour la Politique

Bill Curry and Mahima Singh, Globe and Mail, for exposing major transparency and accountability gaps related to billions of dollars spent each year through federal outsourcing.

Fanny Lévesque, La Presse, for a portfolio of work dealing with the impact of Bill 79 on Indigenous families, imposed 16-hour nursing shifts, and the last of the Parti Québécois bastions.

Justin Ling, Toronto Star, for his feature on the years-long making of the “Freedom Convoy” protest and organizers’ links to conspiracy theories and anti-government ideologies.

Presentation/Design / Présentation/Conception graphique

Carol Linnitt, Arik Ligeti, Ashley Tam, Shawn Parkinson and Jimmy Thomson, The Narwhal, for an interactive, multimedia feature on how Indigenous guardians are reestablishing sovereignty and stewardship of traditional territories.

Christopher Manza, Globe and Mail, for a portfolio of multimedia stories on figure skater Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier, Indonesia’s plan to relocate its capital city, and drought across the Horn of Africa.

Sandrine Vieira, Cédric Gagnon and Antoine Noreau, Le Devoir, for an interactive feature on species at risk in Quebec, featuring photos, graphics, illustrations, maps and more.

John Honderich Award for Project of the Year / Prix John Honderich pour le Projet de l’année

Gordon Hoekstra, Glenda Luymes and Nathan Griffiths, The Vancouver Sun, for a data-driven investigation into the readiness of B.C. communities for a world of increasing fires and floods.

Bob Levin Award for Short Feature / Prix Bob Levin pour le Reportage bref

Maria Iqbal, Toronto Star, for her story on the one food item that actually became less expensive in Canada last year: the potato.

Rosalyn Roy, National Post, for her first-person piece from Port aux Basques, Nfld. as parts of the town were destroyed by Hurricane Fiona.

Patrick White, Globe and Mail, for his feature on a book club at a federal prison near Kingston, Ont.

Special Topic: Indigenous Issues-Climate Change / Sujet Spécial: questions autochtones /changement climatique

Julia-Simone Rutgers, The Winnipeg Free Press and The Narwhal, for her stories on the everyday impact of climate change on the citizens of Manitoba and, in particular, Winnipeg.

Sports / Sport

Cathal Kelly, Globe and Mail, for columns on the Maple Leafs honouring Borje Salming just weeks before he died of ALS, the retirement of Serena Williams, and Alphonso Davies lifting Canada’s men’s soccer team to the world stage.

Sports Photo / Photo de sport

Frank Gunn, Canadian Press, for a photo of a skier flying down Lake Louise on her way to winning a FIS World Cup downhill title.

Frank Gunn, Canadian Press, for capturing a collision between Toronto Blue Jays’ shortstop Bo Bichette and centre fielder George Springer.

Tim Krochak, Halifax Chronicle Herald, for an overhead image, captured from an ultralight drone, of the start of a race at the Canadian Canoe Kayak sprint trials.


Sustained News Coverage / Reportage soutenu