From failing infrastructure to water advisories, the Government of Canada is failing Indigenous communities when it comes to ensuring access to clean water.

Unifor is using the annual United Nations World Water Day on March 22 to amplify calls for the federal government to accelerate action to ensure safe drinking water for everyone from coast-to-coast.

When this government was first elected, it promised to solve drinking water problems in First Nations communities by 2021. When it didn’t meet this deadline, it simply extended its own deadline to 2025.

It’s true progress has been made to reduce the number of communities with unsafe drinking water, there are still approximately 28 Indigenous communities with water advisories. Most advisories are “Boil Water” advisories, but many communities are still living under “Do Not Consume” advisories, which means that even boiled water is unsafe to drink.

Auditor General Karen Hogan’s 2021 report to Parliament blames out-of-date policies and historic underfunding for the basic operation, maintenance and staffing of water systems.

Indigenous communities should not have to wait any longer—safe water is a basic human right.

Join Unifor’s campaign to pressure the federal government to follow through on its promise to work with Indigenous Nations to properly fund water infrastructure.

In solidarity,

Lana Payne
National President, Unifor

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